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We may think in numbers, but we don't communicate like your average accountant. As our client, you are our top priority, so we'll work to help you understand your company's financials in the simplest way possible. Each and every day we'll give you our best, with the hope that you'll learn a little and finish the process better educated and more confident in your own avenue forward.

We Value
Your Success.

Our relationship with you is not a transactional one. If you're looking for us to simply deliver a product, we're not the firm for you. Instead, we aim to educate you as we work through the processes with you. In the end, you're more knowledgeable about your company or organization and the business in general, allowing you better opportunity for success. And your success is our success.

We Exceed Traditional

We ask questions. We get to know you. We challenge the assumptions. We use our past knowledge. We want you to get to know us. While we understand the importance of efficiency, we also invest a lot of time up front to learn the best way to communicate with you and get the job done in the most effective way. So yes, our kind of accounting is so much more than math problems.

We're a Small Firm
With Big Capabilities.

You're not a number to us. You're our client, and in the end, you will know the high value we place on that relationship. Being a small firm allows us the freedom to form meaningful relationships with our clients, but to be sure, our small size doesn't equal small competence. In fact, it's just the opposite. We have a combined 30+ years of experience in everything from traditional public practice to serving as on-staff accountants in governments and volunteering in a financial capacity for non-profits. We've been around the block a few times, and we have built relationships that span a multitude of industries.

Our Glass Is Always
Half Full.

We believe the world of accounting should be infused with enthusiasm, energy and inspiration, so we bring that outlook to everything we do. We don't see problems. We see opportunities for improvements. So don't be afraid of your stack of receipts (or your lack of any receipts) or the fact that you feel like accountants speak in a different language. We speak "normal," and helping you is truly what brings us joy.

We Have

We're not Milton from Office Space (though that is a fantastic movie). We are Harris and Lesley, owners of multiple Halloween costumes, hiking boots and Nerf guns. We are dreamers and risk-takers, adventurers and believers. We see beauty in the world and find joy in getting to know what makes you tick.

Let's Move Forward Together.

We are more than your service providers; we are your partners. Whether you need assistance with audit and assurance services, taxes or financial consulting or training, we're here for you. We won't ping you with a bulleted list of to-dos, either. We'll have a conversation with you, guide you through the process and help you learn a little along the way.

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