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We don't expect our clients to understand accounting. We don't throw CPA lingo at you or expect you to think how we think. What we do ask is that you have a willingness to learn and collaborate, and you openly share your needs with us. From there, we'll work to find the best avenue forward to assist you. So let's talk, put a plan in place and then have a little fun.


Business Services


  • Tax Advisement & Preparation
  • Outsourced Accounting & Bookkeeping
  • Business Advising

We get it. You didn't start your business because you enjoy the numbers of it all (who does besides us accounting nerds?).

You began your business because you had a unique idea and you believed in it. So let us handle the things you don't have a passion or the time for: your bookkeeping, accounting and taxes.

What To Expect
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Dedicated Coaching

Instead of simply handing over some documents, we'll work to explain to you why we're doing what we're doing and advise you on the best steps to take. This way you have the necessary knowledge to make smart business decisions.

Trustworthy Consulting

We may only be working with you for one specific project, but we would like to serve as your trusted advisor all year long. We truly care about your success, as we believe it's a reflection of our work with you, so we'll do everything we can to give you the best advice.

Organized Approach

No judgment here on that pile of receipts (or lack thereof). We'll create a set of books and records for you, allowing you to have a holistic sense of your transactions and an idea of where your business is headed. We'll also create efficient processes for you so that you can worry more about your business and less about the records.


Government Services


  • Audit & Compliance
  • Consulting & Reporting Assistance

Governmental entities have a diverse range of regulations that require experienced, skilled experts to navigate.

We have longstanding relationships with a variety of organizations, including the Municipal Association of SC and the SC Department of Education, that allow us to stay abreast of current topics and requirements. In short, we're prepared, and we'll take care of you every step of the way.

What To Expect
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Informed Advising

Our experience serving within government organizations as well as our contacts in the industry allow us to have an in-depth understanding of governmental entities' needs. We realize you have limited resources, so we're prepared to help you make the most of everything through streamlining processes and speeding things along with specialized technology.

Focused Attention

Any missteps in reporting or compliance can result in big penalties for you. We take our job seriously, staying laser-focused on the project with your end goal always in mind. We'll work with you from start to finish, never burdening you with a to-do list to handle on your own. Leave it in our hands to guide you appropriately.

Proven Results

Past careers in governmental entities have given us a firsthand look at the challenges of this area's sometimes-unclear waters. Thankfully, these past experiences have also informed us in how to navigate and find solutions.


Non-Profit Services


  • Accounting Advisory & Systems Consulting
  • Assurance Services
  • Consulting & Advisory Services
  • Tax Services

We go beyond handling your books.

We go beyond the simple task at hand. We're here to help you be and do your best, and we do that by understanding your organization inside and out. Non-profit entities require unique accounting applications and rules, and we have years of expertise navigating these processes.

What To Expect
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Red Tape Navigation

Having non-profit status means specialized reporting and forms, and more reporting and more forms. We have you taken care of. We're well seasoned in the ins and outs of IRS compliance, maintaining tax exempt status, Form 990 preparation, audit and tax issues related to compliance and specialized grant reporting.

Practiced Experience

We do more than our research. We serve on boards for non-profits, advise others, as well as actively participate in charities that are near to our hearts. So we can assure you that we know what we're doing.

Thoughtful Perspective

You have a delicate balancing act: You must report your metrics and finances transparently while also attempting to organize the information in a way that maximizes funding opportunities. We'll work with you to create a reporting system that delivers truthfully while also keeping your end objective in mind.

Let's Move Forward Together.

We are more than your service providers; we are your partners. Whether you need assistance with audit and assurance services, taxes or financial consulting or training, we're here for you. We won't ping you with a bulleted list of to-dos, either. We'll have a conversation with you, guide you through the process and help you learn a little along the way.

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